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Saint Petersburg

My first time in Russia with a wintery weekend in St. Petersburg

Russia - Nov 2005 (83 photos)

London in Summer

A week in London for the CDF Working Group meeting

UK - Aug 2005 (45 photos)


I spent 10 days in Tokyo at the WWW2005 conference and W3C SVG + CDF meetings

Japan - May 2005 (106 photos)

W3C Technical Plenary 2005

A week in Boston for the W3C Technical Plenary

USA - Mar 2005 (22 photos)


More Sydney photos taken during the week of the SVG meeting

Australia - Feb 2005 (24 photos)

A January day in London

I met up with Danbri and Amy for a day in London

UK - Jan 2005 (14 photos)


Dusseldorf in January for the W3C CDF meeting

Germany - Jan 2005 (27 photos)


I took these photos on my daily dog walk

Australia - Dec 2004 (6 photos)


Some photos from the 10 year anniversary of the W3C and related meetings

USA - Dec 2004 (33 photos)

Paris and Versailles in November... again

Another November week in Paris for SVG.

France - Nov 2004 (69 photos)

Sophia Antipolis

Photos from a quick trip to Sophia-Antipolis for the first W3C CDF meeting

France - Nov 2004 (11 photos)

SVG Open 2004

Photos from the third SVG Open conference, held in Japan.

Japan - Sep 2004 (57 photos)


The SIGGRAPH 2004 conference in Los Angeles

USA - Aug 2004 (19 photos)

Stockholm in July

Stockholm for the SVG meeting with about 20 hours of sun each day.

Sweden - Jul 2004 (25 photos)

A July day in London

A day of sightseeing in London

UK - Jul 2004 (41 photos)

Toronto and Niagara Falls

Some photos of Toronto and a day trip to the Niagara Falls

Canada - May 2004 (41 photos)

New York

A week in New York for the W3C AC meeting and WWW conference

USA - May 2004 (125 photos)


Unpacking a new iBook G4

USA - Apr 2004 (5 photos)

The MIT Stata Center

The new offices of W3C at MIT

USA - Apr 2004 (64 photos)

Eze and Monaco

A day sightseeing in Southern France

France - Feb 2004 (47 photos)

A February day in London

A day of sightseeing in London

UK - Feb 2004 (41 photos)


Photos from Seattle in February

USA - Feb 2004 (14 photos)

Los Angeles

A visit to Sony and the remainder of the day sightseeing in Santa Monica

USA - Feb 2004 (39 photos)

Las Vegas

A few days in \"The Classiest Place in the World\" (TM)

USA - Feb 2004 (62 photos)

Australian National Botanic Gardens

The Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra

Australia - Jan 2004 (19 photos)

Sydney in January

The 3rd annual SVG meeting in Sydney. This time in Manly.

Australia - Jan 2004 (26 photos)

Yokohama, Tokyo and Kamakura

The W3C Advisory Committee meeting held in Yokohama, with a visit to Kamakura

Japan - Nov 2003 (113 photos)

Floriade 2003

The annual Floriade flower festival in Canberra

Australia - Oct 2003 (54 photos)


SVG Working Group meeting in Seattle

USA - Sep 2003 (18 photos)


Photos from the SIGGRAPH conference in San Diego

USA - Jul 2003 (50 photos)

Fun in Seattle

A whirlwind trip to Seattle that included staying on a fantastic houseboat and a joyflight over Pugit Sound.

USA - Jul 2003 (63 photos)


Some photos from the SVG face to face meeting in Vancouver.

Canada - Jul 2003 (23 photos)

SVG Open 2003

A couple of weeks in Vancouver including the SVG Open conference

Canada - Jul 2003 (65 photos)

Vasarely Museum in Budapest

An amazing museum in Budapest with hundreds of artworks by Victor Vasarely.

Hungary - May 2003 (37 photos)


The WWW2003 conference in Budapest.

Hungary - May 2003 (111 photos)


SVG Working Group dinner in Mougins

France - May 2003 (17 photos)

Dinner at Marie-Claire's

A dinner at Marie-Claire's with most of W3C Europe and a few extras.

France - May 2003 (1 photos)

Technical Plenary

The 2003 W3C Technical Plenary in Boston

USA - Mar 2003 (26 photos)


SVG Working Group meeting in Sydney, January 2003.

Australia - Jan 2003 (44 photos)

Tom and Rachel's wedding

Tom Uren and Rachel White were married on 21 Dec 2005.

Australia - Dec 2002 (70 photos)