Welcome to Cuboidal

Welcome to Cuboidal, the home of all things cube-like. This is an attempt to balance my Web karma. I’ve taken enough from the Web over the past 10 years (information, a job, friends, and so on) that I figured I should repay my debt by contributing content. I doubt that I will be able to contribute anywhere near the level of quality that I receive, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

An admission up front: I’m paranoid about having a web site and putting any information on here. I’ve convinced myself this is a step in my personal growth.

I treat this as my serious site. I have a more fun site called grorg. It’s also a palindrome.

If you’re extremely bored or lost, you might want to know more about me, Dean Jackson.

Most recently updated (not necessarily recent though)

Or, everything that is on this site.

Oh, there are also some old photo albums.